Meet some of our Grand Champions and Grand Premiers

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn about our quality cats which have achieved the distinction of Grand Champions (GC), Grand Premiers (GP) and Regional Winners (RW). Some of our Grand Champions are in our breeding program while our spayed and neutered cats are shown in the Premier Class and have found loving, forever homes. 

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Grand Champions

GC, RW MyZots Marcus

GC MyZots Bella Voce

GC MyZots Amadeus (Tiny Tim)

GC,RW Deserhita Bella of MyZots

GC MYZots Buzz of TCB

GC, RW MyZots Gossip Girl

GC, RW MyZots Brutus

(ACFA Cat of the Year, 2014)

Grand Premiers

GP, RW MyZots Tiberius

GP, RW, Deserhita's Bella of MyZots

GP MyZots Geronimo

GP MyZots Cochise

GP, RW Scrimshaw Good Time Charley of MyZots

GP, RW MyZots Murphy Brown

GP MyZots Bella Mia

GP MyZots Atticus

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