About Us

Responsible and Experienced Breeders

MyZots is a small cattery located in Southern California, breeding Long and Short hair Exotic breed cats for over 30 years.  Our purpose in exercising our privilege to breed  is to develop the best example of the breed we possibly can.  As a result, we breed only for our own personal showing. In the process, we  develop wonderful, healthy cats raised in a loving environment. We are recognized for the quality and beauty of our cats and are respected for their friendliness and lovability.

We are careful in our placement to be sure our cats will be treated and loved as they are in our own home. All cats leaving our home are spayed and neutered.

Tim Murphy has been active in the Cat Fancy Organizations for over 30 years, presently serving as Southwest Regional Director and Board member of the American Cat Fanciers Association.  He has been a judge for 18 years and a teaching judge for the past four years. His cats have been awarded "Kitten-of-the-Year" in 2007, and "Cat-of-the-Year" in 2014.

Tim has been showing his cats in the Cat Fanciers Association, Southwest region earning numerous Regional Awards. 

A Forever Friend

The Exotic breed is an ideal breed in that it produces a quiet, peaceful, loyal companion that is extremely affectionate. Not much seems to disturb them. They are playful either with your holding a toy or with one  they have favored. They stay playful well into adult age and bring many years of enjoyment and love. They are adorable to look at, peaceful, clean, and easy to maintain. Short-hair Exotics require minimal combing and brushing while Exotic-long hairs take daily grooming to maintain their beautiful coat.

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